Sunday, May 24, 2009

Walk down Memory Lane

While walking through Washington DC over the Memorial Day weekend I talked about wishing I had a pedometer. I would have loved to have known how far we walked that day. (In fact, I may invest in one since I really would like to know how far I "move" on a weekly basis.) We walked up and down the National Mall, through Chinatown, past the White House and up and down Pennsylvania Avenue several times. Tennis shoes would have been easier on the tootsies that the flip flops I had on but the weather was perfect and the day was a delight. The photo above is walking from Pennsylvania Avenue to the Mall area.

It was amazing to see the National Mall and realize how many thousands of people went to see the inauguration of President Obama. There is so much power in that city.

In the South, we travel from place to place via air-conditioned automobile. From the University of Maryland, we caught the Metro (Greenbelt) and rode it into DC. That would be great to have in the Denham Springs/Downtown Baton Rouge/LSU/New Orleans areas. It is a cleaner, faster, less hassle way to travel. The last time we rode a train was in England. Now those people know how to "do a train!" There were little tables you could sit at and have a very well prepared meal. I cannot see that ever happening here but I really like the idea of the Metro. Way to go DC! Being in DC reminded me of something that has probably happened to you. When I was a child, my parents drove there and we vacationed. About a 1/2 hour out of the city I realized I did not have my blue bear "Yum Yum". I had left him in the room. According to my daddy, he phoned the hotel to see if they had found him with most things left, Yum Yum was long gone.