Friday, May 22, 2009

Flying High Today

Traveling via airplane has changed dramatically. My husband and I commuted every weekend long before frequent flyer was offered by the airlines. He worked at a tv station in Pittsburgh and I kept the home fires burning in Louisiana. It was expensive to say the least. However, so much more than that has changed. The once cute, trim stewardesses have been switched out for Denny's waitresses, it appears. Back "in the day" being a stewardess was considered a glamorous sought after job. You no longer hear of girls aspiring to be stewardesses do you?

The services offered by airlines, which we used to take for granted have diminished. We paid Delta the obligatory $15 for a bag we were jointly packing. Upon arrival at the airport we learned that we needed to cough up $90 more dollars due to the bag being too heavy!! NINETY DOLLARS ONE WAY! So, we took out two pair of my husbands shoes and away we went...

The stress of going through check-in is unbelievable and I personally have doubts about the real security in it. Will my new foundation in my make-up bag be flagged as contraband and be thrown away? Ah, no, this trip I just had to toss my new Diet Coke. Then, steps inside there was another gift shop where I just purchased a new bottle. You'd think that the softdrink manufacturers had something to do with it. Luckily, this drink and my husband's water quietly made the trip in my purse, unoticed.

Times change and many times you do not notice while it is happening. I remember loving to fly and thinking it was such a treat. I imagine if a poll was run today, people would not be thinking so highly of it. Far too many airplane accidents are occurring. That is another topic for another day. I hope you have a great Memorial Day weekend wherever you are.