Monday, May 25, 2009

Check your Rings

I am named for my paternal grandmother, Mabyn Gordon Kean. She died when I was a youngster so I only remember her through photographs now. My father loved her so much and I loved my daddy. Yes, I was a daddy's girl. When I was a young adult, my parents gave me Mimi's diamond wedding ring, which I loved. It was one of those pieces of jewelry that you never take off. It was simply beautiful with the emphasis on simply. My mother wore it for years before me and I always expected to give it to my daughter when she got older. That dream vanished into thin air at our church fair ten years ago when my thumb made its normal pass over the top of the stone on the ring and all I could feel were the prongs. I can still feel it in my mind. Horrified, my entire family along with many friends searched the football field to see if anyone could find the diamond. Searching the ground for a diamond is quite a task. We searched our car and our home. We went back to the grounds and combed the sidewalks and grass. It was gone. These many years since I still long for that ring. It was so wearable and meant so much to me. I've always felt guilty that it occurred. It didn't feel like it was mine to lose. It was a family heirloom.

The morale of my story is to have your local jeweler check the prongs on your rings (no matter what stones) at least twice a year. If your ring snags things like hairs or threads, go immediately. I thought I was having it checked often but obviously I did a very poor job of it. I'd love to get a replacement for this ring one day. I would make it Mimi's replacement ring and the story would follow.

There is a contest going on at for a diamond ring. It will be an 18 carat white gold ring with a gorgeous diamond in it. You can also enter the contest by following my link. I hope one of us wins. :)