Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Sign up at Spotwinner under me!

I should have updated my website more frequently. Brandport changed it's name to Spotwinner. You can reach Spotwinner through the banner on this site or you can reach the site from my personal link: They don't spam your email which is great.

I've won twice so far. I won a $50 American Express gift card and a $1000 American Express Gift Card. YAY!!! Naturally I've won lots of points and I'm now over 10,000 which I'm quite excited about. A win is a win. You'll get a few extra points just by signing up under me. Then, get your friends to sign up! It takes me less than 15 total minutes a week to watch the Spotwinner commercials and rate them so I've definitely done well. I highly recommend it! mabyn

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