Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Winning $$ at Brandport now!

I'm still having fun playing Brandport probably because I tend to be winning on a regular basis. (That makes it more fun.) Since the site is still so new, it may still be a viable option for anyone running across this to hook onto it now while it is still in the newness phase. BrandPort Sweeps

Also, as an update...The Winzy website has really grown and their prize list has gotten great! Here is a new link for Winzy:
Win Free Prizes

If you use Winzy as your search engine of choice during the day, you'll rack up alot of points and probably find yourself getting credit cards in the mail from them. Winzy has been around since last summer. The name of the game with either of these will be to find some friends who have not yet signed up. Both are good, just Brandport is newer. :) mabyn