Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Stupid is as stupid does...

It is night now and I've heard more stories. I have learned more. This Washington Times article really has the best birds eye view of the Hurricane I've seen. I think that is what has been so difficult. I have felt the rage of Mayor Nagin and thorougly agreed. However, it is the incompetence of these officials I have found difficult to understand.

Just today, here in Baton Rouge, was another simple example at the Housing Authority where hundreds showed up. They had been there since last week. There were police on-site. Next door was a private citizen's small business, trashed because our 'fine' city never thought to put up portapotties. My friend got to work around 7am and, disgusted by what he saw, told the police that portalets needed to be added. He was told they would be forthcoming. At noon he did so again. He repeated this to every news station as they showed up. At 5:00 he was continuing to repeat this but still no site of the portapotties. Hundreds had relieved themselves and trashed the area.

Our fine city is now a dumping ground. We need help and now.

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