Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Back to School Tuesday

It's time to try to get back to normal or we never will. Helicopters are buzzing around sometimes close and sometimes in the background...and then I hear the sound of sirens. I've turned the TV off. Katie left for school an hour early. Tonight there is a school meeting and we find out what the 'plan' is. The new kids will be mixed in on Thursday.

I see this whole disaster as so many people's blunders. First, we allow people to build in flood plains as long as they have insurance. That merely raises ALL of OUR insurance. There has to be something wrong with that thinking, right? Also, New Orleans is below sea level. Heck, Baton Rouge is at sea level. What were our forefathers thinking not to have city codes build these homes up higher?

There is alot of fingerpointing right now and rightly so I suppose.* I personally do not think it is a big surprise that a government so large cannot move quickly. Individuals move fast. Americans keep feeding this large federal monster. They (we) point the finger at one administration or another. Truly, I think my daughter's thoughts were accurate. She said, what else can happen to New Orleans? A monster come rising from the ground?

*I think the best way to characterize FEMA's response is to judge the crisp starched shirts Michael Brown wore every day after the disaster while everyone else was wearing whatever they could throw on. It appeared that he cared more about his personal appearance than getting help to these people.

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