Monday, September 12, 2005

Boy oh Boy

I am now not totally sure what I think on a federal level.
I am still glad Michael Brown of FEMA is gone.
I still think our state and their local botched much of it. Blanco successfully has ended her career in politics. I think our Mayor is trying to use this as a stepping stone and his manner of dress over the last two weeks has been rather, uh, different than what I've ever seen him in previously.

His administration is making many promises that only time will tell if they can make happen. The scariest thing I've heard is that they plan to make permanent housing behind The Great Hall. Only by living in this community would you consider that a frightening thing. Those units were already unlivable. The Great Hall had been all but abandandoned because it was in such desparate need of repair. It used to be such a fabulous facility and was connected to The Bellmont Hotel, a motel-like establishment of the 1950's.

But, according to Good Morning America this morning, the President was not fully aware (?) of the severity of the Katrina situation until 4 days into it. Whoever his chief advisors are should be in deep trouble. Does he have time to read on his schedule? Watch tv? I don't know what you get to do when you are President of the US. But I know that someone who works for you must be in charge of assessing situations of importance and BOY OH BOY did someone (possibly even GEORGE BUSH) screw up. DID his advisor tell him and he ignore them????? That is what I would like to know.

They will have investigations.

So much of Louisiana politics is corrupt in the first place. It dates back so far. Whole cultures being paid off to vote a certain way. Many a man (or woman) has become wealthy in this state by being a senator or knowing one.

Well, I'll write later.

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