Saturday, September 10, 2005


Everyday I try to take my mind off of what is most predominant here but it doesn't work. I strain to talk about other things and try to work on other things throughout the day.

We are on the inside looking out with all of the first hand reports, local media and just being so very close. It is curious that the nation is blaming Bush for all of this. I saw an interview with Mayor Nagin last night and the interviewer asked him if he took any of the blame and he said "Yeah, I should have yelled louder." Gosh, Mayor, what about "I should have had a plan and followed it?" Yelled louder. How disappointing. And these days we certainly don't hear from Governor Blanco. Her last several Press Conferences had her standing there babbling in non-coherent thoughts. I called the tv station to find out why they were running it, then switched channels to see others were also. I thought it was a mistake! I give the following grades:

Local (New Orleans, etc.) officials were not organized and prepared to follow their hurricane plan. So many people were left inside the city. No matter how loudly the mayor yells, it was his job to oversee the plan, not individually rescue citizens. The worse part is that he is trying to just pass the buck. His grade got lowered a letter grade for that. Grade: F

A year before Hurricane Katrina the state experienced an unsuccessful evacuation. It was addressed and new plans made before this evacuation with the new Contra flow. It looks like state officials thought that was all they had to do. It does not appear that their plan went much further than getting citizens out of the New Orleans area.
This is an area of the deep dark abyss. More will come out in the days ahead about what the exact protocals are in getting assistance.

We know one thing. It came late. When it came, there was not much of it.

The FEMA director Michael Brown was horrible and I am thrilled he was removed from the job. Wearing his littled starched shirt daily made me wonder what he was doing other than going to the dry cleaners. He rubbed me the wrong way. If he was working with Blanco, he should have been able to tell the head of FEMA or the president what was going on here. I put alot of blame on him.

Well, I'm going to put my finger back in my holster.

New Orleans is drying up... still stinky... and who knows what the future holds. I don't know that I'd want to go back with all of that bactera... yeccchhhhh.

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