Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Welcome Back!

Mayor Nagin had on his PR hat last night and this morning. Hello Tourism. He was welcoming people back to New Orleans.

What a laugh.

Yes, come on back! Now, the armed guards won't let you in...but welcome back! I've just spoken to a friend (within the last ten minutes) who tried to go to his daughter's condo uptown and was not allowed admittance. Yes, come on back!

And, they will have Mardi Gras! Yes, come on down! There won't be a place to stay and lord knows what will be in the water or air... But come on down! Great place to visit. Yes, it is only five months away. They can do it. Yes, come on down!

Still trying to go house to house locating bodies.
Helicopters over my home in Baton Rouge as I type this. Parts of the city are still under water but, come on back.

Yea... He made it sound like it would be a picnic. Many of the people who go back will find wrecked and flooded homes not possible to live in. I guess they have to do it sometime but it is not a matter of just "come on back."

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