Monday, September 05, 2005

Labor Day

Rescue efforts, relief efforts continue. Prophecy continues. Read this article from National Geographic.

Nothing is really back to normal. Normal may have just changed. Walking into our convenience stores and major grocery chains, there are still rows of empty shelves and empty ice boxes. Every day is like a rush on the economy. You just try to stay at home, get things for people using whatever resources you can. Kids will start school tommorrow, which is good. All of the area schools are taking in these displaced children. Everyone is rallying "used but not abused" uniforms and giving them to these kids as a gesture of welcome. Socks are being purchased, booksacks are being given and so on. Our schools previously at capacity, will begin afternoon and Saturday curriculums so kids can continue their educations. Like I said, normal changed, perhaps temporarily.

Small companies are donating big things. Just this morning I heard from Donald Ray Kennard's office requesting assistance in finding cleaners. They needed to clean 300 National Guard's uniforms (or 900 pieces of clothing) ASAP. That is alot of cleaning power. Sunshine Cleaners and Welch Cleaners will do it for them! The uniforms will arrive in the early morning. We salute these people.

Well, I'm off for awhile to be normal on this Labor Day 2005, whatever normal is.

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