Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Thar's Beauty in Them Thar Hills

The beauty of Pennsylvania just cannot be underestimated. We just returned from a weekend trip. We are so used to seeing evergreen 24/7 that seeing the multi-colored leaves was a real treat. We weren't as prepared for the brisk weather. For us, it was like February weather, very cold. This shot of this little red farm house was shot outside of Ellwood City, PA as we went leaf hunting in the drizzly weather. We found lots more political messages in the North than we do in the South. Other than that, security at Atlanta was pretty scary. The amount of people in that airport is something a horror movie is made from. I'd hate to see a fire or other catostrophe in one of those places. They give you information on getting out of an airplane safely. How would you get out of that terminal? Have you ever thought of that? Scary.

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