Saturday, October 23, 2004

Sothebys & Garage Sales

Usually on Saturday mornings I wake up early enough to hit a few garage sales. I'm looking hard for vintage fabrics to make the vintage purses I make for sale now. I'll post pictures of those soon. They are for sale on ebay. Several months ago I purchased fabric to line my purses with that was round tightly around a tube. Today I reached the end of it and popped it off the tube to which it was stapled. When I did, I noticed a mailing label cancelled in March 1979 on the tube addressed from Sothebys Parke Bernet Inc in London to Sotheby Parke Bernet Inc in Houston.

Inside the tube was a POSTER! Gently pulling it out I found a perfectly kept POSTER which reads that it is a Woodblock print of a witch by Yoshitoshi, oban tate-e. The poster continues to read "Oriental Works of Art" Auction: October 31,1979 PB Eighty Four and an address. I haven't found one like it yet. I see the actual works of art (which don't look like they are exactly moving) but this is the auction poster. In the later part of the century, the company went back to private ownership and is now known by just Sothebys. I wonder if they'd be interested in it? A fun find.

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