Thursday, October 14, 2004

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Last night was the last of the Bush / Kerry televised debates and unfortunately people had tired of seeing the same old format and very similar questions bringing very similar answers. I received an e-mail just now that I want to share:

"This says it well and points out quite clearly why I will vote for G.W. Bush even though he can't debate. Before dawn this morning I awoke with a sense of impending doom and panic. At first I thought I had been awakened by a dream about my deceased father but quickly realized that I was dreaming about a story that he told me many years ago. During an interview in the early 1960's, Nikita Kruschev, (of the old Soviet Union), told a reporter that the Russian army didn't need to attack the United States to bring it to it's knees. He said 'that America would be destroyed from within.' As a child I didn't understand the meaning of his statement and over the years I thought Kruschev meant that terrorists and illegal aliens would try to destroy our great nation by sneaking across our borders and physically attacking us on our own soil.

After 9/11 my notion was confirmed. But, I was wrong. The terrorists that brought down the World Trade Center towers managed to slaughter over 3,000 innocent Americans and people of other nationalities but they don't have the power to cripple our country. The subversants and ultra-liberals that convened in Boston have that ability.

In high school, as I studied and began to comprehend world events and history, I wondered how a despot like Adolf Hitler ever came to power. How did one wimpy, albeit schizophrenic, little guy whip up the crowds and turn rational, thinking human beings against their neighbors and supervise the massacre of millions of innocent people? I asked my father, a veteran of WWII, how this could have happened. He told me that he asked a German who had immigrated to this country after the war this same questions. The elderly gentleman hung his head and admitted to my father, "We allowed him to corrupt our youth."

Very late last night on MSNBC Brian Williams narrated a program about John Kerry and his anti-Vietnam War activities in the 70's. Even though he has become a wrinkled, gray-haired 'respectable' United States Senator, Kerry has never ceased to viciously swipe at the under belly of the American defenses - the military that protects his freedom to take those swipes. He has consistently voted against every bill that involved funding for the military and his record is even more liberal than that of Senator Hillary Clinton. The old hippie mentality has never wavered even though the wolf has disguised himself in the sheep's clothing of 3 piece suits and a millionaire lifestyle of mansions and yachts. What I've never heard is John Kerry admitting that HIS Democratic cronies are the ones that got us in Vietnam in the first place. Like a spoiled, coddled child, he just expected Richard Nixon, o ur country's "parent" at the time, to get us out of the mess that his political party had gotten us into.

John Kerry is consistent in his climb toward a position of power to wreck as much havoc as possible on the American people. After throwing away the medals he questionably 'earned' in Vietnam, he systematically acquired power by marrying and living off rich women but made his children illegitimate by annulling his marriage to their mother in order to achieve his goal. He supervised the dismantling and relocation overseas of his wife's factories which resulted in the loss of thousands of Americans' jobs while continuing to vote against all military spending bills that came up for a vote. Watching John Kerry play the electric guitar on stage at a recent Democratic fundraiser reminded me of the time Bill Clinton donned sunglasses and played the saxophone on MTV. Like Hitler, they both knew that the key to their success was to capture the vote and support of the youth of America.

We watched over 10 years ago as a famous celebrity/retired athlete was acquitted of two heinous murders that we ALL knew in our hearts he committed. The jury of his peers were dazzled by his fame and were conned by his slick lawyer's ultimate "stick it to you" race card maneuvering. We have all become so insanely 'politically correct' that we've allowed celebrities to spout their ultra liberal views, completely unchecked. We've allowed non-talents like Anna Nicole Smith to waddle her way across the screen of the American television industry and laugh as she watches her 18 year old son get drunk at her side. We've raised an MTV generation of young people who truly believe the garbage that Michael Moore "documented" and haven't risen up in protest to question the media's codependency in this widespread propaganda.

Who am I? I am a housewife, a nobody, a lone voice asking the American people, "How long will we tolerate the ultraliberal media to elect another President intent on weakening our defenses and shaming us in the eyes of the world? How long will we allow uneducated celebrities to denigrate and mock the very heart beat of America's moral foundation? How long will we allow the Michael Moores of this country to skew the truth and be praised and rewarded for it? How long will it take for us to become tired, ashamed old Germans, hanging our heads in disbelief that the youth of our country became angry, damaging senior senators who brought about our destruction from within?"

I have no power. I have no influence. I know that George W. Bush is just one man who, like all of us, isn't perfect. But, I also know and believe in my heart that he's the only hope we have in November, the 'parent's' voice who can tell the spoiled, hedonistic 'children' of our country to shut their hypocritical mouths and quit working toward undermining our nation.

I'm asking you to forward this message to as many people as you dare risk insulting. I'm asking, "Will we wake up before Nikita Kruschev's prediction comes true?"

Jan Morrow, daughter of a WWII veteran, sister of a Vietnam War veteran and the wife of a retired U.S. Air Force veteran. "

The e-mail does a wonderful job of summing up how I feel. When I listened to Mr. Kerry speak in the debates I was struck by his authoritarian tone. I specifially remember his references to "marrying up", and how much money he makes annually. Many of his "plans" are already in place under the current administration if he would bother to look. I'm ready for the election.

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