Monday, October 25, 2004

McCarthy Era

Not since the McCarthy Era (known better as McCarthyism)have so many actors voiced their political opinions to the amazement of the American public. It was reminiscent of the Salem witch trials. Today, well known actors, singers and comedians who are in support of John Kerry are making their choice public. People whose work I admired like Whoopie Goldberg, Richard Gere, Cher, Robin Williams, Dave Letterman, and many others have crossed the line. They weren't watched for their politics. Some have always had strong beliefs and you either like them or you don't(Streisand). Many won't be watched in the future like they were in the past. I had heard rumors about Richard Gere's sex life years ago but thought it was gossip. I'm willing to belive it now and not watch the star. The same goes for the loud foul mouthed Whoopie Goldberg. I feel sorry for the aging Cher who has obviously held herself together with some type of botox. I wish these artists would have kept to what they do best... imitate life, sing, deliver lines. Politically, they are on a bad list.

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