Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Disposable Society

You hear it all of the time about our disposable society yet when it hits you in the face, you are still a bit surprised. Several years ago, my sister-in-law Maria kept bringing over the best homemade bread on special occasions so my kids talked us into purchasing a bread maker. It was a good purchase and for years we have made loaves of hot fresh bread effortlessly. Along the way, something inside the container broke and we didn't run to have it fixed. We limped along because it still made bread. Well, it stopped. I called 1-800 947-3744 for Toastmaster today asking about model 1170S needing just this one part since the engine is great on this machine and the body looks like new. "I'm so sorry but we haven't made replacement parts for that machine in years." YEARS? Ouch! That hurts.

My Kenmore sewing machine is 45 years old and still sews! I admit that recently I purchased a new Brother machine because I wanted the computerization aspect that they now have but I can promise you that this breadmaker wasn't in that category.

Toastmaster. Their product was good, just not built to last. I hope our next one is cheap. If Toastmaster is now cheap, I'll buy from them. I'll come back and tell you a story about an iron one day. For now, I guess it is store bought bread.

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