Monday, October 04, 2004

Heaven on Earth

Have you ever noticed while driving down the street all of the birds sitting on buildings or on top of the phone lies just looking down? Or have at the beginning or end of the day have you heard them singing but not seen them? Have you ever wondered where this huge mass of animals goes when it dies? There are a lot of birds but they don’t just seem to fall from the sky and die of heart failure or other catastrophic illnesses and litter our streets.

On more occasions than I can count birds (a red bird in particular) have flown into our window panes at our home. Just this morning it happened again. I used to want to catch it on tape because it was so odd. Over and over it would occur. I wonder if it happens to others or if I seem to attract the birds.

Today it gave me pause to compare birds, with their wings, to angels. Who knows how all of the stories of angels came about anyway? Do people who are transitioning from life to death have the ability to come back to earth in the form of a bird? I wonder. They are such graceful creatures.

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