Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Christmas Greenery

Well, I can't believe Katie's school has finally gotten their greenery orders ONLINE... but they did. In case any of you would like to order your Holiday greenery online this year and have it DELIVERED to you, :) (my favorite way) I'm posting this link to the Episcopal website ordering in hopes that others who have wanted it will find there way here. I guess I'm thinking along the lines of when she was a Girl Scout and we used to get those wonderful mint cookies and now I don't know any Girl Scouts. Well, I've been getting this greenery since before she went to school there from other children and love it and now that there is a website I'll be able to get it in the future.

It is great greenery and smells soooooo good when it arrives. Hopefully they have all of the information on the website. If you need a child's name, Katie Shingleton, is her full name. This is the major fundraiser for the school and I'm so glad it is now online! If you'd like to order some, please do!

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