Thursday, September 30, 2004

Flat irons

My daughter convinced me to buy a $150 flat iron last year from Paris Parker Hair Salon . It isn't the type of purchase I readily do. I decided we'd share the flat iron. (Yes, many of you have seen me with curly hair for the last 6 months, but I used to be straight locks only and now I wear it both ways.)
Anyway, recently Katie came down and said the iron was shorting out...something wrong with the cord. I took it back. They said it was a year and four months old (Go figure) and we might as well see if we could operate on it ourselves. What had happened was the cord had been "tightly" wrapped around the device when it was stored. (You know how you wrap a cord around something? Don't do it!) The connection broke at the end of the unit. Well, Husband Pat wasn't great with fixing things and sparks flew.
The next day I went back to Paris Parker to purchase a new one. I asked the guy if there was any break he could give me since they had no real warranty and at first he said NO... then he asked for my name and number and said he'd call me on Friday. This was Wednesday. He never called but that isn't why I'm writing!
In case you or your daughter need that special flat iron at a great price, I found it online! I ordered TWO for $210 shipping INCLUDED. It was the same SuperStar Flat Iron. To heck with Paris Parker.
You know the old addage about word of mouth? Well... I'm impressed with .
Mabyn Shingleton

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