Wednesday, October 13, 2004


I opened The Mabyn Kean Agency (ad agency) when I was 24 years old. At the time, it was unusual for a woman to open a business or be the head of a business at all. I saw no obstacles and forged ahead. My career was very satisfying.

I remember hiring a very old lady named Mary Ellen in my first office location. She was 40. She had been a media buyer and had some previous agency experience which was helpful to my young company. It is funny thinking back on how old I thought she was since I am now 52 and unemployed. Of course, I closed my business to help my aging mother but no one seems to care about that. Age discrimination is very real. I dropped out of the job market in my mid-40's and to anyone that is thinking about it that reads this that is interested in advice? Don't make the mistake I did.

You'll never be able to take back up where you left off. The momentum will be gone. Retiring from your field for whatever reason is just that.

I still love to work and am daily trying to be productive. However, this was a life lesson that I am all to quick to share.

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