Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Testy Sometimes

I've been experiencing some online "road rage" recently. We are quickly moving to the 2004 Presidential election and by watching the mainstream media many times it has been easy to see favoritism. Some of it is so overt that I have not been able to stand it. Were they media with a liberal twist or a conservative spin, then I should be able to just change the channel. However, this is supposed to be "NEWS" or objective interviews.

It has even spilled over into entertainment shows. I watched the last of David Letterman for me. I'm through with him and his overbite. He practically climbed into John Kerry's lap for the hour long most B O R I N G show you have ever watched. I found myself watching it because on ABC (my fav network) some football game was on so Jimmy Kimmel wasn't on yet. I decided to watch Jay Leno and he had an interesting show. However, Conan comes on after him and I still don't see what A N Y O N E S E E S in C O N A N O' B R I E N.

So, I wrote to the shows. Not like they care. I was also very disappointed in CBS and Dan Rather for the story they allowed to be aired on George W. Like I said, ABC is my favorite right now even though I do like some of the NBC prime time. Much of the ABC prime time (like sitcoms) are ridulous and the talent is awful. I don't know where they find these people. Or perhaps it isn't the talent and it is just the horrible writing or a mix of both. I groan every night when these shows come on.

It's gotten SO BAD that I look forward to playing BINGO TV on Wednesday nights. That's right, I'm playing Bingo at home. Don't wee yourself laughing. If there was any tv on at all, I'd be watching it. Thank goodness we still have excellent movie scripts and actors/actresses in those so we can watch those when time allows.

See, I said I was getting a little road rage... PMS... testy. grrrrrrrrrrrr.

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