Tuesday, April 13, 2004

War on Terror

Tonight President Bush spoke for a little over an hour. It is always so obvious how negative the media feels about him. They make no effort to even appear non-bias anymore. As he spoke, it reminded me of our recent trip to London. As we were walking near Big Ben, after some fish and chips in a local pub, we started seeing alarming headlines in the newspapers. It was rather surreal at the time and we weren't sure if it was from papers like our "Enquirer" or not. But, it wasn't. It was from their regular newspaper and 800 policemen had stormed a place and found the makings of a bomb in the same area of the city where we were staying.

This type of event isn't new to London... Terror isn't new to the Middle East... Ireland or many areas of the world. Bush is right. Terror made it to our soil. Bush stepped up and said "No More." We are in a War against Terror. I don't see the difference when people nay say about Iraq.

I'm not sure what the 911 commission will ultimately do. I suppose it may be helpful. It appears that there was, and perhaps still is, a lack of information sharing. But that is a problem of BIG GOVERNMENT. And our government is HUGE. It is amazing to me that we don't kick people (illegal immigrants) out of the country. People walk in over the borders daily. Meanwhile, we are holding a 911 commission. I think some of these high swinging Congressmen, etc. should roll up there sleeves and really make a difference. Currently, you hear about stupid things that Congress votes in to waste money on like Iowa's Rainforest Government is not just run by the President. Everyone knows that. This president has brought decency and morality back into the White House. We don't have to redefine "is". You may or may not agree with every little thing that he does but you know that he believes in what he is doing and he is doing it all for the right reasons. He has surrounded himself with very astute people.

911 seems so long ago in some ways but really it is as close as yesterday. We don't live in "terror" everyday as was the headline in London luckily but I believe we could. Our way of life could be jeopardized so easily. Traveling to other countries, I find it amazing how incredibly different Americans are. We are much more lax. In some ways, our technology is behind which I find quite disconcerting. The www booths in London or the Internet stations found in the airports in Ireland are certainly nothing you'll find in the states...

Getting off soapbox...