Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Lazy American

American society has just become too lazy. Things are over the top. It is too easy, too much and too often. I'm reminded of it because of our recent trip to London and a huge mistake of mine. The English are more formal than we are and that is a fact I had simply not thought of. When we went to London, I fully intended to see my friend while there. I didn't want to barge in on her and come to find out, she didn't want to interrupt my trip. However, once I got there I realized that I couldn't reach her because her phone number was unlisted. The converters I had purchased at Radio Shack in America didn't work with their plugs or my laptop. My battery died before I figured out if I could get online. But then I saw their Broadband booths! So, I started throwing coins in those. I had to open a new hotmail account because I couldn't figure out how to use it. However, I could never figure out the pounds, pence and whatever and how to operate their WWW booths to be able to actually SEND an email to her to say HELP call me. So, I came. I saw. I left. I should have organized it before leaving but I didn't. I learned that things in other countries are different than here and you really need to prepare in advance. Oh well.