Monday, April 12, 2004


Leaving town means postponing some things you should be doing. I've definitely been trying to organize and update myself today. I can't say that I've made the progress I needed to make. I got off track today due to a cousin of mine. (It takes so very little when you have ADD.) All she needed to do was to allude to the idea that I had possibly been getting the Mabyn name on the various email accounts around the country. I really wonder who has been getting them if she hasn't and I haven't! Quite curious. I've met others who have Mabyn as their email name and wondered why but never asked and if you go on AIM and see Mabyn, that isn't me.

This photo was shot at the end of a little street over looking the fields.

Here Mabyn (moi) is sitting outside the pub under a St. Mabyn sign. The Church is directly behind.

Follow my link to my MabynMabyn page on my website. Once there, follow the link to a "real" St. Mabyn website made by Andy Titcomb who is a resident there.