Sunday, April 11, 2004


Today is Easter Sunday. It is amazing how fast time passes. "Just yesterday" our kids were eagerly searching out their Easter baskets... but "yesterday" was years ago and the reality is that they really don't like candy much anymore so I only buy a bag or two and leave it on the kitchen counter. I guess the bunny died at our house. Well, not really. Our dog, Thumper, is quire horny. He "humps" a stuffed Easter bunny that one of our kids received years ago for Easter. This bunny is twice his size yet he drags it around the house year-round and "humps" it. He is a york-shire terrier... It is definitely a funny site.

Time. My mother use to drive me nuts by saying in an authoritarian tone "There are only 24 hours in a day". I always thought "No duh". "Your point?" She would continue by saying "time is marching". She was totally consumed with pushing us... or me to do whatever she wanted me to do. What a miserable memory. I continue to push myself these days but I really like what I do now. I never stopped to realize why I'm so driven but it is probably that she always was saying that. Gosh, it took a BLOG to figure it out. I'm much more lenient on our children because I hated the guilt my mom put on me and I hated the lack of loving relationship I felt we had. I desired so much to feel that she was interested in me and possibly want to share times with me. Well, those are some of the things that as this Easter closes I'm thinking about. I hope you had a holy Easter also.