Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Soda Bread

To smell it I wouldn't want to eat it...but lather it with Irish creamery butter and it was quite nice. Back now from ten days in London, visiting St. Mabyn as a sidetrip, and Ireland, staying in Killarney, I don't notice the jet lag because there is so much to do and catch up on presently. The scenery was breathtaking. Thank goodness for my new camera. I took daily notes and documented the trip so it is easy to relieve it and not think those days were so very short. The people talk so fast! And, for me, I never really thought of Gaelic as a tongue. Pat was quite good driving on the left hand side of the road even though he likes to tease and say how scared I was. He's just making it up pushing my buttons now that we are back in the states. He was quite good at it but it made him very stressed -- for that I will attest. Well, it's time to get life underway... Welcome home to us.