Sunday, December 07, 2003


Normally at this time of the year Elfie has put his first note out and our kids are eagerly looking to see where his hat is in the mornings. I can remember that like it was yesterday. Michael would usually come downstairs first wanting to know if we had seen Elfie's hat and I'd always tell him no, sorry honey. Then, the morning hunt would begin. He would wake Katie up and they would Sour the rooms. It might be on the hood of my stove or on top of a candle on the fireplace or in one of the panes of the window or it could be sitting by one of their tooth brushes or in a shoe... They'd always fine it before they left for school and boy would they be happy if he had left a note. He never said that much only enough to boast their self esteem. They knew they had a friend who lived at the North Pole with Santa that visted them. Those were the days.

Michael picked me up today to go to the Governor's Mansion to a Kappa Sigma breakfast before he started finals. Katie has one month to the day before she starts driving. Things have changed alot here but we remember Elfie. Katie tells me I'm the only mom that sells elf hats and that makes me a little strange. I think she likes it. :)