Friday, November 28, 2003

Ya Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. It's always better a day later... nothing like all the turkey trimmings on a sandwich. I'm not too proud to make a half a sandwich like that... Dressing, cranberry sauce, turkey, the works... I imagine if the mashed potatoes would have still been around I could have loaded them on also.

The hit of our day was Hershey Bar Pie. Yum. Oh yes, there were 'other' desserts but nothing went like the Hershey Bar Pie... Well, the chocolate chip cookies disappeared also.

We had a 'regular' turkey and a fried turkey. The fried turkey was MUCH better than the regular one. I had thought we were going to get a smoked one. Oh well... Smoked ais my favorite kind of turkey to have. That must have been a miscommunication.

Well, time to gobble gobble gobble.