Wednesday, December 17, 2003


Have you ever heard a car alarm honking that the owner just wouldn't turn off? Well, it happened to my daughter and me today. After running errands we jumped back in her 4 Runner. The car wouldn't start. I opened my door and the car alarm started blaring for several minutes. There was nothing we could do to turn it off.

We phoned my husband at the tv station for suggestions. It was nighttime and this was only the fourth or fifth time Katie had driven this car so she wasn't familiar with the alarm system. My husband was at work and we were feeling a tad stranded in a car that we couldn't open the doors for fear of setting the alarm back off. My husband told us where the pass switch was. Katie couldn't feel it (remember, we were in the dark). So, I had to leave the car for a flash light. Again, the alarm went off! To get back into the car... the alarm went off! She found the switch but when she toggled it, the Alarm went off again.

Progressively it got colder in the car as time went on. My son was in "Hell Week" in his fraternity and never returned my PANIC phone calls (it is his former car) to tell me what to do. It was funny. We sang "Cum Bah Yah". We felt like sitting ducks as shoppers walked by wondering why we were just sitting in our car. After being there 1 1/2 hours, my husband drove up. Since he is an on-air television personality he gets recognized easily. He angled his car in to help us and some lady starts heckling him. It's cold. He's dressed up. He's opened his hood, has jumper cables... Oh well. He gave us a jump and off we went...