Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mommy Blogs!

To be a young mom in 2009 must mean to blog. There are oodles of "mommy blogs" all over the internet. Many appear to be doing well and have a readership. Perhaps I was born in the wrong decade. I think technology is fabulous. What I would have given to have had the internet's searching capabilities 24 years ago!

If you are looking for a good blog that reviews products well, then take a test drive at http://www.themombuzz.com . I signed up for a couple of her giveaways...any of which would be quite exciting to win. Of particular interest is the Bissell Versus Bare Floor Vacuum. We have hardwood and brick floors. According to her article, this little beauty does not need filters - YAY!

On her blog is a giveaway and review for a teeeny video camera made by JVC called the JVC Everio GZ-MG630 camcorder. It appears to be quite a camera. In addition to the compact size, this camera has a great lens and is easy to use (yay!). Our camera was purchased in the 1980's. Can I tell you that it is like a suitcase? The advancements are just crazy. Oh! It doesn't use tape or DVD. I am seriously thinking this camera must be a miracle.

There are actually several blogs involved in a SUMMER BLOCK PARTY. (I think it should be Summer Blog Party myself). The first blog I ran across was As They Grow Up. She has a calming style of writing. Then I found The Mom Buzz, which I discussed earlier. Look at What Mom Found seems to be geared to infants more than the previous two. I did not stay there long. Life in a House of Blue is a hoot! Her site is fun and her humor comes through. I would definitely make a stop there. In fact, I'm going back in a bit to look around more.