Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Momma or as most would say, Mama, used to say alot of things. When I dawdled, which must have been frequently, she used to say in a very strict voice "Time is Marching." I always felt that she lived her life in the fast lane. She would have gone nuts with these "gadgets" we have today. She hated the technology era. She was an avid reader. It makes me wonder if I could have convinced her to use a Kindle. The Kindle seems like such an awesome piece of equipment. I hate lugging books around. With the Kindle you are able (so they say) to download your books and just have them with you...a traveling bookcase of sorts. I hope to be able to get my husband second.

I wondered what #gno stood for as I watched literally hundreds of tweets go by but no one answered the question. Message after message asked but the question remained until this morning when I read this article. Girls Night Out! Twitter language needs a definition bank so people will have a destination to figure out just what people are talking about.

Well, time is marching. There is still sunlight out so I need to get to work.