Friday, May 15, 2009

If you look around the blogosphere, you will notice that many of the current blogs are penned by stay-at-home moms about their life. Specifically they are about women with infant to school aged children. If there is a giveaway, it is usually a baby item.

What about the rest of the female world? What about women who choose not to have children or ones, like myself, who have raised their kids already? If there are blogs by women like me, I have yet to run across them. I'll keep looking.

Life is definitely easier now that the kids are grown. When our youngest child went off to college, I could once again remember why I married my husband. We could finally have time to be just the two of us again...have "alone time."

Looking back, there are many things I am very glad we (or I) did and very few things I regret. (What good is regret anyway?) Most of the things I regret were circumstantial and, if I had it to do all over again, I would probably still make most of the same choices.

My belief is that in every relationship there will be one spouse who is 'stronger' than the other. One person will have the final say or, at least, have the loudest voice. It really is imperative that parents "stay on the same page" when it comes to discipline. There is usually a good cop/bad cop scenario but before problems arise you need to decide what is important so you will have one voice. Kids love to get in-between parents and play them against each other. What a game!