Thursday, September 01, 2005

Helicopters Above

Day Four -
Life is changing. Within our family unit new, more stringent rules have had to be set. Security and safety are primary. Certain streets are no longer safe to drive on. Walk into corner grocery or neighborhood drug store that used to have a couple of customers at most and now they are jam-packed with new faces. As frightening as it is for our newest citizens, those from New Orleans and surronding areas, it is for those of us who live here.

This week is especially odd since the "local news" (that of the old New Orleans ie ground zero) and all of the "Camp Katrinas" plus Baton Rouge.

Friends and strangers have lost everything. Starting over. Your heart just aches.

Life in many ways is like third world. At times, in my home, it is like Hurricane Katrina never existed except within my heavy soul. Then, I get in my car and the traffic reminds me of all that has occurred. I visit the stores and the shelves are void of bread, crackers, vegetables and more. Lines are waiting for gas if gas is even available at the station. Most stations have their pumps roped off.

People are walking around dazed...It is not over yet.

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