Sunday, August 28, 2005

Hurricane Katrina

Being a weatherman's wife means hearing forecasts pretty often during severe weather.
Yesterday morning I awoke to hearing Pat saying, "You'll have to play secretary today because the phone will be ringing alot." And it did. Katie's Senior retreat was the first thing to be cancelled. By early morning he knew that it was coming our way.

Last night we went to dinner at Ruth Chris Steakhouse with some friends. Pat entertained us with an graphic explanation of the storm. Katrina was played by the lantern on the table with Baton Rouge the salt shaker and New Orleans the pepper shaker. Pat's play took place for a good thirty minutes until our food arrived. We had a great time.

The Rain has started 4:50pm. I just picked up the beach towels Katie used from sunbathing on the patio earlier.

People are sitting ducks in their cars on the interstate at 8:03. Hours earlier when they could have left New Orleans, they didn't.

The only thing on television is the news/weather. WBRZ TV (the local Baton Rouge ABC affiliate) is simulcasting with New Orleans station WGNO.

They all project "catostrophic damage" of New Orleans.

It is now 10:00. The traffic on our interstate is still bumper to bumper. The news reports that there is still a THREE HOUR wait for people to get into the Superdome. wow.

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