Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Letter Cursing

Letter Cursing - let-ter curs'ing : The act of almost uttering obscenities or profanities by mere use of a letter and imagination. (For example, "F that!" or "What the S?" or "She is a real "B") Origin - The home of Pat and Mabyn Shingleton.

When I grew up, my daddy used to say "Hotdammit" or "Son of a Gun!" on occasion when he was very upset. I had no idea he was substituting words back then. Boy oh boy have things changed. Words we used to not be able to say "in polite company" are now repeatedly spoken on Prime Time on television. We used to yell to our kids to cover their ears fifteen years ago when "bad words" were being spoken on the occasional movies we watched. I wonder what parents do these days!

Then, couple of years ago, my husband started letter cursing. At first he was wide open with the use but that got to be almost as bad as saying the real thing. Cursing is a terrible habit. It puts those around you in a foul mood. There is no real lesson from this is just a little chit chat.