Wednesday, October 05, 2005

And the beat goes on.

Katrina. Still on Nightline with Ted Coppell. Oh my... I'll just turn the volume to mute so I can think. That is what I am hearing on the streets when I talk to people here. People are tired of hearing about it. Nothing is new. They keep rehashing it.

Do you remember when Bill Clinton said "It depends on what the definition of is, is?" That got old also. The media is like a rabid dog. I was irritated during the event because journalists get a bird's eye view. Many times they are getting it from politicians and then possibly the politician's enemies. It created a profound social effect in this city which has yet to be addressed.

People want to look ahead, it is only natural. People in this community are ready to get on with their lives and they seem to be trying to do it.

Everyone is tired of hearing New Orleans people say how much they miss NOLA because everyone knows that. The circumstances are odd because people who wanted to help people (and did) are ready for them to get on with their lives now. In many cases, the visitors (refugees, evacuees, citizens- HA!) are not ready.