Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Normal for Some, but not All

Life is moving to a new normal for our household, which is good. Yesterday I received a email with a link to an article I felt was profound: To view the entire article, visit

Wednesday, September 21, 2005
Moral poverty cost blacks
in New Orleans
By Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson

Much will continue to be written and argued about the Katrina and Rita events. People are still living it. Our close friends took in total strangers who have been living with them for a month now. I cannot imagine it but they are fine with it. These people, rather than listening to the radio and learning that it was a Category 5 storm and leaving the city... stayed until it was too ate to go. They woulnd up in a high class hotel and were stranded five days until they were rescued. They had to carry their bags over their heads as they waded in the neck deep sewer water past bodies floating. The female has alergies and cannot eat anything but food from Whole Foods. The man is much easier to please. The woman says she cannot return to New Orleans until the Whole Foods is reebuilt. She understands that will be a long time. Their Baton Rouge host has now showed them options where they can move to. She cannot tolerate the smells of fresh paint nor cleansing agents. Now the guests have informed them that after two months our friends can apply for ASSISTANCE! unbelievable.

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