Saturday, September 17, 2005

Let me Out

So far I have stayed at home except when I have to do business, make appointments or run errands. Driving around town takes its toll on you now. In today's Advocate newspaper their was an article about what the city did to Florida Blvd., a four lane major thoroughfare. They made three lights stay full time green. The residents of the hugh subdivisions which normally poured out from those lights (Broadmoor, Sherwood Forest to name two) were furious and have forced the city to review and change its actions. The problems we have stem, in great part, by people not doing their jobs for the last twenty years.

A fast fix? Unless we have 24 hour a day workers and a plan in place now to do something, there is not one. You hear people talking about policians who have wanted to raise taxes to do this and that. Well, where has the money been going? Someones pockets are being lined and have been lined.

I wonder what Jefferson carried out. Hmmmm.

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