Thursday, September 22, 2005

Katrina Meet Rita Meet Hannity Meet Rush

Uh oh. Hurricane Rita is turning more towards Louisiana. Schools have been cancelled here AGAIN. Our weather is disrupting everything in this state.

Today I listened to Shawn Hannity and I wanted to brain him. I'm Republican but sometimes (often?) he just does not have the facts. That irritates the gall out of me. For instance, everyone was complimenting how TEXAS was doing evacuating their residents...then they saw everyone stuck in traffic - DUH. Now, talk about it SHAWN. Louisiana politicians are nothing to write home about but, dear boy, when you keep talking about those school buses you sound like a frickin' FOOL. Move on to a new subject or do you have one? There are plenty of more sound bites that he and Rush could get or find or people they could speak to I have to think. I keep thinking I am watching that show "Ground Hog Day" because, especially with Hannity, his material is so old and stale. I think Rush does a much better job at finding new angles, may you agree with him or not.

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