Thursday, August 04, 2005

No longer a Nielsen Family

The recent Nielsen scandal in our fair city has just about come to a close. What slithered from the keystrokes of Mukul Verma of the Baton Rouge Business Report (Daily Report online) was disappointing. From his little write-up, it appears that we have been darting from shadow to shadow hiding a dark family secret.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. Nielson called twice and twice was told not to send the diary. They did. We filled it out. We should not have. We are sorry. We will not do it again.

Hey, this is not something that station management is unacquainted with and when it is denied... it is flat not true.

The people we heard from and... those we did not, was quite telling. For the most part we knew who our friends were already.

Only one negative source contacted us and it was from an AOL address ( who refused to identify him/herself other than they work in tv in this market. The person is basically a cyberstalker. Scary.

Things that surprised me?
There were less than 800 diaries sent to the households in the city
Thing that bothers me: Nielson keeps surveying these same families over and over and over. I wonder if that gives a true sampling?

Chad... We forgive you. I am sure it looked like you had the "BIG STORY." You got your front page headline and a big online story! Nice.

Nick, I think the saying goes something like when you "point one finger, three fingers point back at yourself."

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