Friday, January 14, 2005

Ebay Forecast

There's a saying that "business is business" and that's true. However, you have to wonder how many thousands dollars will be lost due to ebay's last 'business' move. Did they consult with their marketing guru before this last gaff? I doubt it. It seems like a hasty financial move ill thought out.

Speaking to big and small sellers alike, many are looking to pull up stakes and fine another auction venue. Unlike ten years ago when ebay was the only commodity on the internet, there are numerous other options now. None has had the marketing that ebay has. Now an opportunity may be opening for another company or companies to jump in.

For myself, I closed my ebay store. $9.95 was an innocuous number that I didn't miss each month. However, push that number up to $15.95 and I can certainly find a better way to spend $72 dollars this year.

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