Sunday, April 25, 2004

Nice Weekend

The weekend has been a hoot. Friday night we went to a fancy luau held by my daughter's school. One of the teacher's there used to ride to school with me when we went to school there. While we were talking, she was telling my husband how neat my car was. My car then known as the Red Rat was a Karman Ghia, VW. Gosh, I remember once that car breaking down off Airline Hwy and the boy I was dating, sat in the rear on the bumper by the engine (now how dangerous was this?) holding the gas intake down so the car would go. We took it into the dealership but what stupid teenagers?

On Saturday night we went to another party at the country club for a golf tournament neither of us played in. Funny, huh? Well, Pat is the one that goes and handles the Calcutta before they start the play and gets the money up that they play for so they asked him to join the party last night. It was a very nice event also. The food was outstanding and friends were there that we love to be with. Funny enough that a guy I haven't seen in a very long time said "Mabyn, Remember me? I'm Randy Simoneaux. I haven't seen you in thirty years. I hear that you're married to the local tv celebrity." Blow me down. It was neat seeing him and meeting his wife., Marsha. When he came up to tell me goodbye, I asked him where they lived and what he was doing now. He is living in Nashville, TN and is retired from selling a couple of businesses. What a great thing! Pat missed that. As we were leving Pat turned to me to say "Don't you think you ought to go find your old boyfriend?" "He found me and said goodbye already." hee hee hee

And today was the BR Assembly brunch where you see people you haven't seen in a year. I met someone I've never met before. I ate with Rhea Gary, the artist. It was a lovely event until the sky fell upon us. Even ran into one Episcopal mom who didn't attend the event on Friday who wanted to know if it had really been for all of the parents.

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