Tuesday, February 17, 2004

So much to say, No way to say it

I've been unable to reach O Chit, O Chat for some reason so here are my humble apologies for being away for so long. It wasn't because I didn't try.
Much is going on. Perhaps the hottest topic right now is Mel Gibsons' movie that is about to open called "The Passion". Ever since someone likened it to some violence they saw in "Saving Private Ryan" I thought back to what I thought were horror scenes in "Fourth of July". I'm not sure my constitution could withstand the violence he decided to put in his movie. I think I would have gotten the point without it. Years ago I thought Tom Cruise was a very good actor and wanted to see "Born on the Fourth of July". We went and mid way though I made my husband take me home. It is the only movie we have ever left due. Granted, now we don't go see violent ones at all. It made me sick to my stomach. I experienced what that Vet experienced and it wasn't good. I'm not sure I want to relive what Christ went through. The sheer terror, horror, pain, suffering, agony are all so sad. I think Gibons' making parallels about the actors initials being JC and him being 33 are silly and make me think of the false Christ.
Also in the news these days is the Democrative "who-rahs" running for President. Some people are afraid to "be for Bush" for some reason. It isn't vogue in some circles. He isn't a flashy president. But it is the Democratic Party people should be leary of. They just want to be back in power - at any cost. To think that just a few years ago we were discussing the meaning of "it". We were hoping our kids didn't see Monica get up from under the desk in the Oval Office. Bush has brough back in just a short time the respect to the White House. Today's Decocratic front runner, Kerry, has false momentum. Sometimes he truly sounds like Bush...then you look at his voting record and he is more liberal than Fat Ted Kennedy. Why is Ted Kennedy allowed to be in politics still? Chappaquiddick lives on because the facts don't add up. His campaign has brought up things about Bush then backed off by saying they don't want to target the President. Get your story straight. Or is it that they don't want his girlfriend relationship exposed? Luckily the loose Dean canon may be retiring as others have. These politicians are rough riders acting like Wild Wild West characters ready to rope us in and I'm not impressed.