Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Politically Correct

There isn't much that bores me more than people who are "politically correct"... or what I consider "yes men". These people pleasers seem to have not thought out the ramifications of specific actions. You find it everywhere and the side "you should be on" changes depending on who you are talking to.

I am opposed to same sex marriages. My beliefs about marriage come from what I learned in the Bible and that is between a man and a woman. I see this introduction of gay marriages into our Society as just more degradation of our moral values. It is all over the television these days. When our children were small, we used to yell "bad word" if someone said damn and immediately switch the tv off if anything were distasteful. However, over the years, that has become impossible since the language has progessively become so full of garbage. "Damn" is hardly a bad word anymore. I wish I were speaking only of the cable channels but I'm not. The networks have shown very poor judgement by way of what they have censored. Television truly is an indicator these days of where we are going. Right now there are numerous gay shows on television, mixed relationship shows, as well as shows with sexual overtones.