Tuesday, November 04, 2003

The Liberal Left goes for Reagan

The rich and powerful can sway many folks while pretending to look ordinary. Today, public pressure forced the hand of a major network... CBS Dumps Reagan Miniseries. CNN reported that it was the Republican National Committee that applied pressure to not run the series. Barbra Streisand denies that she had direct involvement with the production. In her "Truth Alert" she mentions Matt Drudge by name so I went to his site. He had been on the forefront of getting this information to the American public. That is probably what irked Barbra. This type of thinking in regards to the Presidency is wrong. She poses morality questions and then throws out the names of Clinton and Kennedy in the same breath of Ronald Reagan. Who is she trying to kid? Not me. What's the connection B a r b r a? I don't get it. I didn't think that Jimmy Carter was an intellectual dyanamo but he did seem to be moral. There have been other Democratic presidents you could have pointed out as well, but to use Clinton in the same breath as any other president after his actions in office is unbelievable. He will go down as the blow job president. His definition of "sex" and "it" (if memory serves me right) will be part of history tales for decades to come. He is the one that wrote that book.

Why fight Conservatives? Are they that different from you? Isn't the enemy the people who flew into the World Trade Towers? Rather than going against these people, can't you use your creative juices to help? What a waste of time...