Thursday, November 20, 2003

Liberal & Conservative Media

Has ABC News and the rest of the media lost its mind? I can't seem to get away from the news of Michael Jackson! UCK. Who cares? They keep repeating the same story with the same clips over and over as if they have one reporter on duty in the entirety of the company. There must be more important or interesting news going on. When they show President Bush with the Queen, they emphasize the negative rather than examining the fact that it is history making that he is there and being welcomed in this fashion.

Facts are facts. Our media is liberal. They truly report things in a slanted light to the democratic left and I don't quite understand why. It is rather false reporting.

On the other hand, I hear our local radio station WJBO do just the opposite-- they are Conservative to a fault. Mike Wolfe's grammar is atrocious. He says "ain't" all of the time. Rush Limbaugh and Shaun seem to get meaner and less entertaining day by day... and yes, I still listen to them because I do like talk radio. I wish they would lighten up. It's down right embarrassing sometimes to hear them talk like that. I've always considered myself conservative however now I think I might not be as much as I thought... at least I'm not crazy like I think they are.