Friday, November 07, 2003

The Ghosts of Christmas Past

As I stood in my old office building at 573 Jefferson Hwy today holding my Garage Sale my mind wandered at times to earlier days. I heard the fire trucks siren's blast down Government Street numerous times. Gosh, that was an all day happening when I had my business there. My, I remember when Michelle-Michelle had her wreck at the intersection there. Connie and I were under the table working on the computers. BAM! Then we go running out to see a dazed Michelle... Or when mom had been admitted to the BR General and I rushed up there during the day and late that afternoon Vivian gets broadsided leaving the premises. She then calls me hysterically to come see her in the emergency room. But there were so many other times in this wonderful building that had so much history in it. Nobles Contemporary Gift House was a great buy for me and I loved the time I owned the building but sometimes things must come to an end. I remember the purchase of the building. It had been for sale 9 months before I even saw the For Sale sign. I had passed it up all that time! I drove past it twice a day because my kids were at Kids Count right around the Corner. When I saw the sign I knew I had to see the building. Once inside I found like I had a diamond in the rough. I loved the trees, the neighborhood, the calmness of it all. I had been working in a high rise so long that I was ready for a move to something with GREENERY around it. It looked perfect to me. It needed work however, badly. And then we found serious flaws structurely which had to be corrected. We updated the building and moved in and I never regretted it.

Several years ago when I shut my business down to help my mother, I cried. It probably was more for leaving the building than the business! Such peace was obtained in that office for me. Now, of course, I've found ways to obtain it where I am again. But nothing is like 573 Jefferson Hwy.