Saturday, October 25, 2003

High Fashion. Low Budget?

Today was a Style type of day. We seem to watch the Style channel more and more and see what they can do for $150. Interesting. Everything really goes back to the basics when shopping. Make sure what you buy will add onto what you already have in your closet. There are many STYLE> sites on the internet that will give you an idea of what is currently in FASHION.

Usually we shop for teenage clothes in the New Mall of Louisiana or Cortana Mall but neither seem to have the volume of clothes or the newest season's merchandise like the stores in the New Orleans' malls... so we traveled an hour away.

We found that Victoria's Secret's new merchandise is very PINK and it is moving toward the lingerie end heavily. Some of the pieces you used to actually be able to wear. Cute stuff, but definitely bedroom or underneath.

Abercrombie and Fitch has one odd practice which we have run into before. They keep a sample on a hanger that is not-for-sale. There may be NO merchandise like it in the entire store but they will have it out and it still isn't for sale. ODD. Very odd.

Don't give up on the GAP. If your GAP looks like it has been chopped up, it may be that local manager. We were very pleasantly surprised when we saw the merchandise in New Orleans. It was a far cry from what we have seen the last year in Baton Rouge.

American Eagle is consistent. They just had more stuff. Same with The Limited.

The Limited was probably the store that was the closet to being the same in both cities. We purchased a skirt and shirt in there.

We ended up with several pieces missing and for that we will go online to see if we can fine the sizes we didn't see today and order them!