Monday, October 27, 2003


I live by analogy. Years ago I explained to my husband that God only gives each of us a certain number of heartbeats. None of us know how many. It's different for each of us. It's very important how you choose to use them. That book that came out about "Don't sweat the Small Stuff"... he is on the same track as I am. There simply isn't enough time to waste heartbeats on things that don't matter. Case in point: That business about the property is still going on behind us. Whomever wrote the Opinion in the Advocate today like the story the other day missed the point of what occurred. So, my decision is do I forfeit heartbeats to try to set the record straight? Nahhhh. Why not? Because, it really doesn't matter to me nor to my family or life. What was done was poor judgment by a man in charge. What is aggravating is that it is showing up as a feud between subdivisions and that is not the story at all. The story is that the Developers of Bocage Lake call their development a private, gated community and threatened nearby neighbors with tresspassing via email correspondence. However, the development is not yet a private, gated community for it has yet to be enclosed on all four sides. I won't lose sleep about it nor any more heartbeats.