Friday, October 31, 2003

Halloweenie Blues

Halloween. When our kids were little I looked forward to it because I enjoyed dressing them up and they had fun crafts at school. As a Room Mother, I would get involved in the activities and it was quite a little celebration. During those elementary school years, my husband was asked to take a friend's child around the neighborhood... so, he did. Our kids walked in groups with friends. One year I had a haunted house. That was alot of fun to do and kept my mind off the fact that I do this ALONE every year. The rest of the years I've just sat around ALONE and handed out the candy. The older I get the more I wish Halloween would just go away. I've even offered to pay my daughter to stay at home tonight during trick or treat to take care of them so I won't have to. No deal. I don't like it anymore because I don't know the children who come to my house so it is boring. I just sit and eat the candy which is a real bummer. I also think doing it ALONE contributes to it being tedious. Well, boo hoo hoo... it is almost time for the trick or treaters!
UpdateI was able to convince my daughter to help me out. Candy gone!